Tokebi the Skull and Psychedelic Artist

Tokebi, (Korean: 도깨비 “ddokkaebi”) is a Guatemalan artist, illustrator and university professor. Tokebi is known for his bright neon colors and quirky line work, mixing retro and sci-fi influences, and using skulls and skeletons as main characters. He is alson known for the nickname “Tokebi the Skull Artist” or “The Skull Wizard”.

Tokebi was born in Guatemala City in 1981.Tokebi took interest in rock music and one of his defining moments was listening to heavy metal band Metallica for the first time at age seven.
In 2003 moved to Chicago and in 2010 moved again, this time to Korea and stay there for 5 more years before returning home.
Always an Asian devote, Tokebi used Korea as is HQ and traveled frequently to other parts of Asia to gather inspiration, but it was Japan and Korea, with their neon lights and vibrant culture that caught his attention.
This, together with the old western culture of the United States, became the main inspiration for his work.

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